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greetings! i'm yefreitor[1], the creator of this website.
this is a place for me to showcase things i made, as well as things i simply enjoy. think of it as a fridge, covered in magnets and stickers.

i have acquired a few titles over the years, including but not limited to: "ceo of crabs", "#2 dinner fan"[2], "world's lamest snake charmer"

i am currently 21 years old, and go by he/him pronouns. i'm most active on a minecraft server named CreativeFun.

for those who know what that is, i'm the creator of /home pylon, as well as /home law.

you can find me on tumblr, at /home law[CF], homeanarchy[CF], and in your fridge when the weather is more than i can handle!

[1] italics are part of the stylization
[2] the number one spot belongs to baaulp
[CF] CreativeFun, not curseforge.