2024/05/04 - the wind catalyst

= updated zeph's character image

2024/05/01 - the stone catalyst

+ added gaia's character page
= updated galahad's character image to match gaia's

2024/04/29 - sheep in disguise

they found "ulterior motives". this isn't related to today's update, but i wanted to share that regardless. thank you, lostwave community.

+ added an image to lenna's character page

2024/04/28 - we're so back, baby!

+ added a new character page: deimos, the ever-changing god of transformation
+ started working on the gallery a few days ago, but it went unannounced so i'm putting it here.

2024/04/08 - catalysts

+ updated the images on kolya's character page
+ added three character pages: lenna, zeph, and corrin

2024/03/22 - i figura'd it out

+ joined the wiiring. (see link above)
+ added the figs! page (work in progress)

2024/03/17 - ???%

+ joined the psycho helmet webring. (see link above)

2024/03/14 - the brothers of apocalypse

+ added two character pages: phobos and deimos

2024/03/13 - smp characters

+ added the baron's character page
+ added methyl's character page
= fixed a typo in the previous update log

2024/03/12 - shrines... coming soon!

= revamped the shrines page.

2024/03/11 - collapsibles

+ added collapsible categories on the characters page.

2024/03/10 - glitz & glitter!

it's been a while, sorry about that! i will try to update more frequently in the future.

+ added a favicon, that little icon that appears on the browser tab
+ added two (2) new stamps, both are themed after EKT... more about that later

2024/02/11 - more characters!

with today's update, i finally completed the second category of characters.

+ added garrah's character page
+ added deimos' character page

2024/02/09 - characters

another small update! mitch's page has been bothering me for a while yet i never bothered to fix it. this ends today!

+ added maurice's character page
+ added the bio and quote on mitchell's character page

2024/02/06 - small update

writing this down in case i forget.

+ added three (3) new stamps
+/- updated the art on the about me page.

2024/02/04 - first recorded update!

so, i never got around to making a changelog page... always procrastinating, saying i'd make it later. i know how long i can do this for, so today i decided to make the damn page before i can delay it any longer.

+ added a changelog section to the home page
+ added a status.cafe widget to the home page
+ added some original art to the "not found" page, to give it more pizzazz
+ added a banger "storm on the horizon" image
= updated the minecraft skin ➡
= updated a few images